All You Can Eat

Sernior (65+)$19.99$28.99
Child (7-12)$12.99$16.99
child (5-6)$8.99$8.99
child (3-4)$5.99$5.99

Sushi Bar Combo



88sushi combo A$12.99
 1 pcs each of tuna, salmon, red snapper, crab, egg, shrimp sushi, 6pcs salmon roll & 1pcs california hand roll 
89sushi combo B$14.99
 1 pcs each of tuna, salmon, red snapper, crab, shrimp, egg, surf clam sushi. 6pcs spicy salmon roll & 1 pcs california hand roll 
90sushi combo c$17.99
 1 pcs each of tuna, salmon, red snapper, octopus, crab, shrimp, surf clam, tobiko sushi. 8pcs dynamite roll & 1 pcs spicy california hand roll 
91vegetarian sushi combo$12.99
 2 pcs each of avocado, mushroom, tofu skin, egg sushi & 6pcs of ac roll 
92maki set A$12.99
 6pcs each of tuna roll, salmon roll & california roll 
93maki set B$15.99
 8pcs dynamite roll, 6pcs spicy crab roll & 6pcs ac roll 
94vegetable maki set$12.50
 6 pcs each of ac roll, tempura yam roll & 5pcs kamikaze roll 
95hand roll set$10.99
 1 pcs each of tuna, salmon, tempura shrimp & california roll 
96sashimi combo A (served with steamed rice)$13.99
 3pcs each of tuna, salmon, snapper & surf clam sashimi 
97sashimi combo B (served with steamed rice)$16.99
 3 pcs each of tuna, salmon red snapper, white tuna, octopus & surf clam sashimi 
98salmon lover (served with steamed rice)$17.99
 15pcs salmon sashimi 
99salmon delight$15.99
 4pcs salmon sashimi, 5pcs salmon sushi & 6pcs spicy salmon roll 

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