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VERY tasty, definitely my favourite all you can eat sushi restaurant yet!As a vegetarian there are plenty of options, and the sushi is quite fresh and delicious. All of my fish-eating friends who I have brought here have also found this place to be great, and so I'm assuming that the fish is just as fresh! I find that the price is also very reasonable, even slightly cheaper than other AYCE sushi places.

The waiters have always been friendly to me and service has been quite excellent. The only issue I have is that they have forgotten the occasional food item (but they are much better at remembering orders than any other AYCE place I've been to), and often I'm glad that they forgot because I've ordered too much anyway! (and they can always make it for you if you do still want it). The food is served at a reasonable pace, usually with appetizers first (as one would expect).

Be sure to make a reservation if you go on the weekend because it gets really busy! My only complaint about this place is that it's small and you can often hear other people's conversations (and if there's a big group they can get annoying!).

Don't let the sketchy location next to the adult video store deter you! It's a wonderful place, and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Date of Posting: 18 Nov 2010

Posted By: Julianna N



My friend told me about this place and for a couple of weeks, I was scared to try it. It looks really sketchy on the outside... especially because it's beside an adult video store.

AYCE Lunch is like 11 bucks, and dinner is 18. Pretty cheap.

Sushi eating as a vegetarian generally has less options, and this place didn't have many different vegetarian rolls.. or fancy vegetarian rolls like dragon rolls. The veggie sushi that they did have was really good though.

Their sushi pizza is definitely the best sushi pizza I have ever had. Most places I've been to have either had sushi pizza that was so greasy it was wet, or so soggy because of the sauces on top. This one was perfect. It had some sort of delicious marinated mushrooms on top which made it really yummy.

Another thing i like about this place is the way you can order tempura. You can order it one piece at a time which is good for me since I don't usually want three pieces.

The service was also really good... We got seated fast (but be aware weekends is way busier) and had most of our food right away. The servers are also very polite and kind.

The restaurant is really small. That's probably the only downfall. I went a couple weeks on a Sunday and it was so busy, and extremely loud because everyone is so.. close together. If you like eating in peace I wouldn't suggest going on a weekend.

Overall, I think Sushi T & T rules... I just wish it was bigger. AND THAT THEY HAD TERIYAKI TOFU ON THE AYCE LUNCH MENU!

Date of Posting: 14 Jul 2010

Posted By: Michelle P



Amazing food! I love the Kamikaze and California rolls! They are the best I've tried so far. The Tempura Shrimp, Crab and Yams are also delicious. The restaurant is quite small and can get busy, especially at lunch time. I've been twice so far, and I plan on going again. When ordering from the all-you-can-eat menu, it can be intimidating if you're new to it.

Date of Posting: 2 November 2011

Posted By: LMnay



The restaurant was clean and urban ( trendy) the food was fresh and tasted fantastic... I would recommend this place for anyone - good service and great food!!!

Date of Posting: 26 December 2011

Posted By: Diana



Discovered this place 2 or three years ago, and we love it. The service is quick and pleasant, even during the very busy lunch rush. I have been to lots of sushi places and this one is the best. This is definitely the best in Ajax and in my opinion a close runner for top in Durham. The only improvement I would make would be to the lackluster decor. They can easily accommodate groups of 4 but larger than that is sometimes difficult because it is small. Two thumbs up!

Date of Posting: 28 September 2010

Posted By: Ryan



In my mind the best sushi in Durham! The kani ( spicy crab) pizza is AMAZING!!!!

Date of Posting: 16 July 2011

Posted By: T-Roy

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